Rules and Regulations

For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, all skaters must make themselves aware of the following rules of the rink before going on the ice:​

  • Skating can be a hazardous activity and is entirely at your own risk
  • Children aged 12 yrs and under must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 yrs or over), on the ice at all times
  • If you are skating without a helmet please make sure to have signed documents at admission.
  • No hockey sticks and pucks allowed.
  • Be aware of and respectful to other skaters at all times
  • Do not spin, jump, speed skate or cause danger to others, so skate within your limitations
  • Never throw snow or ice, or chip or dig holes in the ice
  • Always follow instructions given by the staff of countryside adventures.
  • All skaters must show proof of payment
  • No one under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs is allowed on the premise
  • Countryside adventures is not responsible for any personal items stolen or left within or around the premises.
  • Dogs allowed on leash (You are responsible of your dog and to pick up after them)

Please note any skating deemed dangerous to others will not be tolerated and failure to comply with the above rules may result in you being asked to leave.